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Descriptions of services we offer, time requirements and pricing info.


  • Bring pictures – We love pictures, the more the merrier

  • Speak up – If you have questions, ask them… or concerns, voice them.
    We honestly don’t mind, in fact, we encourage it.

  • Pay attention – We want you to look great all the time, not just when you leave the salon.
    We are happy to explain what we are doing so you can duplicate it


Haircut Only:
Shampoo & haircut only, does not include a blow dry or dry cut detailing.

Haircut Only Plus:
This service is for a haircut that requires more detail work, usually clippers. Includes a shampoo but no blow dry or style

Haircut & Style:
Shampoo & Condition, Hair Cut, Blow dry & detailing, service does not include curling or flat ironing, but those can be included as an add on service.

Haircut & Style Extra:
If you have extremely long, thick or textured hair this haircut service gives extra time to accommodate your hair type. It includes a shampoo & Blow Dry.

Kid's Haircut (1-10 yrs.):
We don’t have a separate price for children, but if only receiving a haircut with no blow dry, choose a "Haircut Only". If a blow dry with detail is needed, then choose a "Haircut & Style".

Neck Clean Up/Bang Trim:
Neck is cleaned up with clippers or razor, existing bangs are trimmed.

*Haircut & Style is scheduled in a 60 minute block of time. Please note that some hair types require additional time, such as thicker, longer or more textured. In these instances the haircut must be scheduled for additional time and will be reflected in the haircut price.

Styling & Special Occasion

Special Occasion Recommendations
  • Arrive with clean or day old, dry hair for up styles or curls (do not flat iron)
  • Be sure to use holding product such as Gel or Mousse in your hair when you blow dry to help hold your hairstyle all day. Hair that has no product doesn’t hold curls well (oil is not considered a holding product.)
  • If you have bangs make sure to dry them the way you like to wear them
  • Wear a button down shirt
  • Arrive with a clean, moisturized face for the best makeup application
  • Bring your choice of lip gloss/lip stick so you can touch up throughout the day

Shampoo & Blow Dry:
Shampoo & Round Brush Blow dry, does not include any iron work.

Shampoo, Blow Dry & Curls:
Shampoo, Round Brush Blow dry and curling or flat iron.

Up/Down Style Casual:
Date night or school dance? Hair is styled up, down or half up in a casual style. Does not include a shampoo & Blow dry. Please see Up style/Down style recommendations above.

Up/Down Style Formal:
Great for Prom, holiday parties or if you’re a bridesmaid in a wedding. Hair is prepped and curled and then pinned up, down or half up in a formal style. Does not include a shampoo & Blow dry. Please see Up style/Down style recommendations above.

Basic Make Up:
Top quality products are used to create your desired look. Lashes can be added for additional charge.

*If you have extensions and your style takes longer because of them, there will be an additional charge of $10-$20

Hair Color

*Short Hair: Chin Length & Above
*Medium Length: Chin to Shoulder
*Long Hair: Shoulder to Mid Back
*Extra Long Length: Mid back and below

Single Color Touch Up Only:
Color is applied to new growth only (2” or less). Service does not include a Blow Dry & Style, plan on leaving wet.

Single Color Touch Up & Style:
Color is applied to new growth only (2” or less) and includes a blow dry/style.

Single Color Full Head Only:
One single color is applied to entire head, scalp to ends, no blow dry or style is included. No foils are included with this service

Single Color Full Head & Style:
One color is applied to the entire head, scalp to ends, with a blow dry style. No foils are included with this service.

Double Process Touch Up:
Commonly referred to as a Bleach & Tone, this is the process of lightening the regrowth (2” or less) of your hair to a bright blonde and then toning it to the desired shade. If you have more than 2” of roots please book for a Double Process color for short hair. A blow dry/style is included.

Double Process Short Hair Full Head:
If your hair is very short, pixie style, and you want to become a solid blond this is an option as long as you do not have existing color. Your entire head will be lightened to a bright blonde and then toned to the desired shade. If you have highlights or old color on your hair we do not recommend this service as we cannot guarantee an even consistent color for the final result. A blow dry/style is included.

Root Bump/Splash:
Subtly lightens and brightens your hair. Most commonly done during or between a foil service to soften and blend new growth.

Color Toner:
Color or toner is used to either neutralize unwanted pigments from the hair or brighten existing color.

Color Toner & Style:
Add a blow dry to your toning service.

Color Refresher:
This is a quick on/off toning service usually done in the shampoo bowl, most commonly done on pre lightened hair to brighten the tone.

Color Refresher & Style:
Add a blow dry to your color refreshing service.

Color Correction:
This service requires a consultation because it covers such a wide variety of scenarios, but when you no longer want the artificial color you currently have and decide to change it to something else it falls into the category of a color correction. Previously colored hair does not respond to hair color like natural virgin hair color does and therefore requires extra care and attention.

Hi-Lights & Specialty Color

Hi-lighting is the process of using foil to separate strands of hair which will then be colored lighter or darker than the rest of the hair. For the care of your hair we use Olaplex in all our color services and any necessary toning is included in the price.

Ombre Hi-Lights:
Ombre/Balayage foils create a gradation of color, usually keeping it softer at the root area and getting more intense as you move down. This is most commonly done with foils and a back-combing method which helps create a seamless look. A toner is then used to finish the look and blend everything together. This service does not include coloring the hair outside the foils. Add a full head color in addition to the ombre highlights if you want to change all the existing color.

Color By Hour:
Some color projects don’t fall into a specific category and utilize multiple techniques creating a type of “hybrid” effect. For example, we may do a highlight service but then balayage all the hair that is left out of the foils thus creating a whole new “Highlight-Balayage” service. When this is done we simply charge an hourly rate.

Back to Back Blonde:
This technique requires the application of back to back foils to create an extreme lightening affect. This technique takes more time than traditional foiling and will therefore be reflected in the price.

The Platinum Card:
This is the process of going from a darker color to a solid platinum blonde. It is achieved with back to back foils over the entire head to ensure even lifting results. Plan on being at the salon awhile for this service. If you have existing artificial color this could fall into the Color Correction category.

Texture Services

Brazilian Blowout:
This is a customizable smoothing treatment that actually improves the condition of the hair by creating a protective protein layer around the hair shaft that eliminates frizz and helps smooth the cuticle. It can also cut drying time in half. Depending on frequency of shampooing & coloring, this service can last 3-6 months.

Add On Services

These services do not include a shampoo or blow dry:

Flat Iron:
Flat iron work added to existing service, this add on is for people who need their entire head flat ironed (not just a quick touch up.)

Curling Iron:
Curling iron work added to existing service.

Standard, Dutch or French 3 strand braid added to any style.

Eye Brow Shaping:
Eye brows are shaped using wax and tweazers.

Lip Wax:
Wax is used to eliminate unwanted hair above lips.

Condition & Care

Clarifying Treatment:
Remove chemicals, products build up and/or medication from your hair.

Clarifyer & Blow Dry:
Clarifying Treatment with blow dry.

Keratriplex Treatment:
Transforms weak, broken and brittle strands into pillars of strength and protects from further damage.

Karatriplex & Blow Dry:
Keratriplex Treatment with blow dry.

Olaplex Treatment:
This treatment links broken bonds in the hair during and after chemical services making them stronger than they were before.

Olaplex & Blow Dry:
Olaplex Treatment with blow dry.

Deep Conditioning Treatment:
This treatment adds moisture and strength to stressed out hair.

Deep Conditioner & Blow Dry:
Deep Conditioning Treatment with blow dry.

Hair Extensions

Great Lengths:
Strands of hair that have been grouped together and pre-tipped with a keratin bond are heated up and molded to your natural hair. The result is undetectable attachments that are brushable, durable and beautiful.

Natural Beaded Rows:
Beaded Rows are great for adding fullness and length. No glue or tape needed; just beads and string. Multiple pieces of hair are sewn together and then attached to the head using small hair beads.

Halo Extension Blending:
When a Halo Extension is purchased we can customize the halo to blend with your own hair.

Halo Extension Rental:
We rent out our Halo Extensions for special occasions such as weddings and proms. We allow our guests to keep them for up to 72 hours, a credit card is required to be kept on file and if they are not returned within 72 hours your card will be charged the full price of the Extensions.